To All Priests and Religious Working in the Archdiocese of Lagos, and the Lay Faithful

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,


Welcome to the month of January, the first month of the year; a month of new beginnings, a month of starting afresh. In the first part of January we continue to rejoice and celebrate Christ’s coming at Bethlehem and in our hearts. The church, offers us on the first day, the wonderful feast of Mary, Mother of God, when we honour Mary’s highest title. Then we follow the Magi to the crib as they bring their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh on Epiphany. Finally, we reach the culmination of this season with the Baptism of Our Lord by St. John the Baptist. With a touch of reticence, we take down our decorations and enter into the liturgical period known as Ordinary Time where we will devote ourselves to the mystery of Christ in its entirety. The liturgical colour changes from white to green – a symbol of the hope of reaping the eternal harvest of heaven, especially the hope of a glorious resurrection. It is a new year and a time to chart a new course, doing things differently and better, starting afresh with optimism and hope for a better future. We pray God to grant us a fruitful and prosperous Year 2018.

·         Seminar with the Deans and representatives of Lay Associations (in view of the Deanery Pastoral and Laity Councils Guidelines): 10th March, 2018

·         Regional Seminar with Priests working in the Archdiocese (to review the implemented Parish Guidelines): 27th June, 2018.

4. ON THE USE OF PICTURES FOR BROCHURES: We wish to call the attention of all Priests and Lay faithful that the proper place for pictures of the Archbishop or celebrants of occasions is inside the brochure NOT on the front cover. Pictures on front covers should draw attention to Christ, Mary or the liturgical ceremony being celebrated. Hence, when producing brochures for any Parish or Archdiocesan event, pictures of people should NOT be placed on the front cover of the brochure.

6. SUPPORT FOR AUGUSTINE UNIVERSITY: We want to thank all the Parishes that have heeded the call to support the Augustine University by sending in the fruits of their Augustine University Sunday so far. As you are aware the University is now in the third year and needs your support more than ever for its maintenance and for the establishment of more Faculties in order to proceed to the second phase of its development.

We hereby repeat again the following directives concerning the support for the University:

a)      That the Second Sunday of every month throughout the Archdiocese be known as Augustine University Sunday. On that day, we expect that the priest himself will speak for a while on the situation of the University as it concerns courses on offer, facilities available, possibilities of a few scholarships etc. Parishioners are to be invited to make a collection for University. Proceeds from the collection are to be immediately remitted to the Chancery.

b)      You will recall that we authorised “Painless Giving” project asking for whatever each person can afford even if it is not more than N500.00 per month through Bank Transfer, POS or ATM. Members of the Fund-Raising Committee of the University met with Priests at their Deanery meetings to discuss the modalities for this. We expect each parish to open a sub-parish account into which the parishioners will make their monthly “painless donations”. The advantage of this is that each parish can see what comes in from the parish. At the end of each Quarter, the money will be transferred to the Central Archdiocesan account which is on our website, and which has already been circulated in our monthly Bulletin. This process will enable Parishes to know how much they are contributing to the University and give us opportunity to adequately acknowledge the Parish and the Parish-Priest. We REQUIRE the Parish Priests to give this his personal attention and the publicity it deserves. We shall take note of the attention each priest pays and duly acknowledge their devotion to this common laudable cause.

c)       Friends of Augustine University should be established in every Parish with the objective of rendering moral and financial assistance to the University. Kindly see that you organise this group and ensure that they commence operation immediately.

d)      Rev. Fr. Michael Umoh has been assigned the duty of liaising with the AUI Public Relations Office to publicise the University. Kindly give him your optimal co-operation.

e)      You will recall that Parishes were asked to offer scholarships to indigent students. Please see that this done.

7. ARCHDIOCESAN LAITY SUNDAY: We hereby acknowledge again the contribution of the Laity Council at every level – Parish, Deanery, Archdiocese – to the spiritual and physical development of the Archdiocese in spite of its financial challenges. We repeat again the directive that a Second Collection be taken up on the 5th Sunday, whichever month it occurs. This is already being done in many of our parishes; the practice should now be carried out in all parishes of the Archdiocese. This will give opportunities for more lay persons to contribute to the activities of their Council and reduce the number of levies imposed at Deanery and Parish levels. Kindly remit the proceeds to the Chancery for onward transmission to the Council.

8. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS FOR AUGUSTINE UNIVERSITY, ILARA (AUI): We call on Parish Priests and Priests-in-Charge to inform their Parishioners especially those seeking admission to Universities or the Admission requirements for our Augustine University. A minimum JAMB Score of 180 in relevant subject combinations is required. For more information, please visit the University website at

e.            ARCHDIOCESAN FINANCE COUNCIL MEETING: the meeting of the Archdiocesan Finance Council for the first quarter comes up on the 30th January, 2018 by 10.00 am at the Chancery. All those concerned should please take note.

f.             ST. GREGORYS COLLEGE @ 90: The management, staff and students of St. Gregory’s College, South-West, Ikoyi, Lagos cordially invite all Priests, Religious and Lay Faithful of the Archdiocese of Lagos to the 90th Anniversary Celebration of the College. Date: 18th January, 2018l. Time: 10:00 a.m. Venue: St. Gregory’s College Chapel. Celebrant: Most Rev. Alfred Adewale Martins, Archbishop of Lagos.

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