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Collage Mata

ILLUSTRATION: Nicholle Kobi/pinterest.com

By Chiekwe Victor-Voh

Madam Mabel: Evelyn baby, Aw u dey?

Mrs Chikwendu: My sista I dey fine oh.

Madam Mabel: This one wey u scatter all your family picture for ground like herbalist, wetin u dey find?

Mrs Chikwendu: Hahahahaha (straightens her face) Very funny. You never even hear sef?

Madam Mabel: Hear wetin?

Mrs Chikwendu: Chai, u dey carry last oh. You never hear of THE FAMILY OF GOD’S LOVE COLLAGE.

Madam Mabel: Evelyn which one be that one?

Mrs Chikwendu: You dey come church at all? Oya sit down make I nack you the gist.

Madam Mabel: (sits down and sips the red wine on the table).

Mrs Chikwendu: I no keep that drink for you oh.

Madam Mabel: I know. Go call police.

Mrs Chikwendu: (Shakes her head) This year harvest Theme na HARVEST OF GOD’S LOVE…Living and Giving in Love.

Madam Mabel: Old gist, temme somtin new. (takes another sip).

Mrs Chikwendu: Chai! The season of Harvest na Thanksgiving season, celebration season. So which gift we fit celebrate pass the love wey papa God don distribute give us?

Madam Mabel: Hmmmm.

Mrs Chikwendu: One sign of love na unity. If we don experience the ogbonge love wey God don distribute, e mean sey we suppose be people of unity, a unified people; one family. Wetin I dey talk be sey, as Child of God wey all of us be, and as Parishioners of St Dominic wey we be join am, all of us na one BIG FAMILY.

Madam Mabel: (nods her head) hmmmmm.

Mrs Chikwuendu: Na why for this Harvest, we won do *family album, wey go be *symbol of love* and *symbol of unity* – *THE FAMILY OF GOD’S LOVE COLLAGE.*

So all of us: family oh, individual oh, lay faithful oh, religious and pastoral team oh, even parishioners wey dey come before but dem no dey come again and our loved ones wey no dey this world again; we go gather all our pictures come use am do collage.

Madam Mabel: hmmmmm.

Mrs Chikwuendu: So, me I dey find our best family picture, make I go submit am.

Madam Mabel: You try. Well sha I don know about am tey tey. Infact, I don submit my own family picture. So, na u gangan dey carry last.

Mrs Chikwuendu: Ewwooo, see this woman. You kon allow we dey talk. Chai!

Madam Mabel: shiioorrr (she continues sipping the drink).

Posted: July 27, 2018


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