Mothers Day Celebration: CWO President’s Message

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The Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the proper date for the celebration of Mother’s Day.

With a heart full of joy, praise and thanksgiving to the Almighty, I warmly welcome you all to this 2015 Mother’s day celebration, which is very unique in many ways this year. To God be The Glory the celebration falls outside the season of lent. Seasons come and go with their corresponding actions and reaction, ours is one of celebrating our Mothers living or dead all over the world.

beckyA day of thanksgiving to God from whom all good things come from; and for the gift of motherhood.

My dear Guest and fellow mothers, I warmly welcome you again to this year’s mothers’ Day but in a special way, motherhood is a 24 hours job but I call it a life time job for even when the moms are no longer changing diapers and others, they still cover their children with prayer and blessing; can one say thank you enough, Through Mary our Mother.

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