History of Young Christian Workers

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Young Christian workers movement was founded by Rev. Fr. Joseph Cardijn in 1925 at the city of Brussel in Belgium.

The movement sprang up as result of life in peacetime was scarcely better for young workers. They suffered humiliation; they worked in frightful conditions, often suffered injustice and exploitation at the hands of their employers. They felt that even the church had betrayed them. “The working classes are been lost to the church” warned the pope.

And so indeed it seemed-until Joseph Cardijn Priest cowed to lay down his life for the working class. Though this vow was beside his father’s death and he affirmed it at his meeting with Pope Pius XI. Pope exclaimed “Someone speaks to me of the working classes”. He said, “Not only do we bless your movement –we make it our own.

Joseph Cardijn came to the working class and offered a new hope for a better world. His greatest dream was that all workers would be reunited in Christ. Father Cardjin Joseph’s fundamental purpose was to restore young people’s sense of personal dignity, to awaken in them their true value as brothers and sisters in Christ. To develop the workers spirituality, intellectually, culturally, morally and to encourage their apostolic activities.

According to Cardinal Joseph Cardijn “Every young person is worth more than all the gold in all the world”.

With words of hope, Love and faith, he challenged young Christian workers to lead Christian lives and to bring Christ to their world and in fact make the difference in the society.

Rev. Bro. Stephen Lucas in affiliation with others founded it in Nigeria and established in St. Dominic’s Catholic Church Yaba Lagos, in July 1963. He was the first chaplain of YCW St. Dominic and remained the Spiritual Director till 2015 which he left Nigeria.

YCW is active in St. Dominic today. We call on all young working class people in our parish to join Young Christian Workers Movement.

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