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Welcome to St. Dominic Parish, Yaba, Lagos. “St. Dominic’s is our Treasure and Our Pride. Contribute to its Spiritual and Material Well Being. Drop Your Silent Painless Giving (SPG) or Tithe Envelope in any of the SPG Boxes in the Church.”

We often hear these phrases at the beginning of the Pulpit Announcement. But how many of us actually pay attention to the announcements from then on?

Treasure and Pride: St. Dominic’s is our treasure and pride, because it is a haven for many Catholics in the whole of the Archdiocese of Lagos. Our Lord Jesus says, ‘Where your treasure is there will your heart also be.’ When many think of a parish where they can have different Mass schedules, it is St. Dominic’s. When Catholics want a parish that can provide a priest to hear their confessions, it is St. Dominic’s. When they want a parish to provide them different homilies every Sunday, it is St. Dominic’s. So it is St. Dominic’s that has this enormous treasure of faith expression for the people. Alleluia! God bless St. Dominic’s forever more.

Contribute to its Spiritual and Material Well Being: There are over 60 societies and groups at St. Dominic’s parish. Thus we confidently can say it is a parish that many parishioners participate and express their faith. Without any prejudice to this number of societies there are still a lot of parishioners that are yet to join any society or group. I appeal to other parishioners to make their own spiritual contribution to the parish.

SPG & TITHE: Tithe to many Catholics is controversial. The controversy stems from the wrong impression created by some of our Separated Brethren who take an erroneous and detrimental position on it. However, I  bring to our notice that the scripture encourages Tithe. The Book of Malachi informs us when it says, ‘Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house, says the Lord of hosts; see if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing.’ Mal 3:10. Through the SPG and the Tithe envelopes, many parishioners willingly make contributions to the finances of the parish. And in this way the parish is able to maintain the facilities in the compound.

We wish to assure parishioners that we do on a daily basis uplift them before the throne of God’s providence. However, some parishioners have insisted that for this ‘ assurance to be more assured,’ they appealed to me that a priest says prayers over their contribution (finances) every month. I thus wish to bring to your notice that we shall have intercessions over SPG & Tithe collections every First Sunday of the month. I do also wish that parishioners have a balanced understanding of these collections – SPG and Tithe. The parish Silent Painless Giving SPG is got from a reflection on Mathew’s Gospel that says, ‘Those who sow in tears shalt reap with shouts of joy.’ Mt. 11:28. The scriptural text stands to strengthen all those who participate in this spiritual exercise and giving.

Our SPG and Tithe collections align with the text from the Psalmist that says, ‘what return can I make to the lord for all that he gives me? Ps 115:12. The Psalmist, in other words, encourages us to appreciate the Lord God in our Priest and Pastors. This is one of the six commandments of the Church, ‘You shall help provide for the needs of the Church and your Pastors.’ I am also encouraging our parishioners to appreciate the priests that tirelessly serve them, bless them and pray for them.

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