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“The Suffering Servant Songs in Isaiah prepare us for the suffering of Christ”
 — Pastor's message

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Collage Mata

In his first blog, Chiekwe Victor-Voh explores a lively exchange between two ladies: The season of Harvest na Thanksgiving season, celebration season. So which gift we fit celebrate pass the love wey papa God don distribute give us?




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Saints Andrew Kim Tae-gŏn, Priest, and Paul Chŏng Ha-sang, and Companions 🗓

For centuries, Korea was closed to all outside influences, and all contact with foreigners was forbidden. No missionaries went there. Nevertheless, a number of laymen sought to find out all that they could about the outside world, through the annual embassy to Peking. Some books about Christianity fell into their hands, and they were converted. ...
Start Date: 20.Sep.2018
End Date: 20.Sep.2018
End Time: 12:00 am

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