EVENT | Saint Francis de Sales | 24.Jan.2017 »

“Say Amen to the many favours the Lord has in stock for us in the New Year”
 — Pastor's message


Saint Francis de Sales

St Francis is the patron saint of writers and journalists, who would do well to imitate his love and his moderation: as he said, “whoever wants to preach effectively must preach with love.” He was born in 1597 near Annécy, in Savoy, France, studied the law, and was ordained to the priesthood despite the opposition ...
Start Date: 24.Jan.2017
End Date: 24.Jan.2017
End Time: 12:00 am

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About St. Dominic's

About St. Dominic’s

Welcome to St. Dominic’s Parish, Yaba, Lagos. “St. Dominic’s is our Treasure and Our Pride. Contribute to its Spiritual and Material Well Being. Drop Your Silent Painless Giving (SPG) or Tithe Envelope in Any of the SPG Boxes in the Church.” We often hear these phrases at the beginning of the Pulpit Announcement. But how …