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“The words above, summarize the faith of....”
 — Pastor's message


Regional Seminar with Archdiocese Priests 🗓

Regional seminar with priests working in the Archdiocese (to review implemented Parish Guidelines). Date: 27-Jun, 2018.
Start Date: 27.Jun.2018
End Date: 27.Jun.2018
End Time: 12:00 am

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    About St. Dominic’s

    Welcome to St. Dominic Parish, Yaba, Lagos. St. Dominic’s is our treasure and pride, because it is a haven for many Catholics in the whole of the metropolitan Archdiocese of Lagos. There are over 60 societies and ministries at St. Dominic’s parish. So, it is a parish in which many parishioners participate and express their faith.

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